Below are several art collecting specialty areas. Some are media specific and others are subject matter specific collecting categories. Click a topic and you'll be taken to a web page specifically related to that type of art or specialty field. You'll find galleries and art dealers specializing in the that type of art. Articles and tips on collecting art. You'll also find links to selected museums, books and magazines, as well as other online resources related to the type of art. Novice as well as experienced art collectors will find the information to be useful.

Galleries interested in being listed in any of the above categories should let us know and we'll explain the process of getting your gallery listed. To be listed your gallery must exhibit or sell the particular type of art 70% of the time.

If you're an expert in any of the above art fields and would like to contribute an article or information to make the guides better, please contact us. Suggestions and recommendations are always welcome.

About is an online resource for all art enthusiasts. Art collectors, art travelers and artists will find our comprehensive online Gallery Guides and Museum Guides to be very useful. We feature guides for thirty-seven major art destinations as well as every state. Be sure to look at our Art Fairs Guide and our guides to Miami Art Week and New York Art Fairs which are up online year around.

When exploring around our site you'll find informative articles and guides for specific types of art like Latin American Art, Fine Art Photography and Native American Art. If you're looking for Art Appraisers, Art Advisors & Consultants, Art Auctions or other Art Services we're a good source.

Don't forget to visit our Artist Guides where you'll find links directly to artist websites. Our Painters and Photographers pages are very popular. The guides are very helpful when looking to discover new artists or if you prefer buying art directly from artists.

Here at, we love art as much as you do and are always trying to improve our guides. If you have suggestions or notice listings that should be changed let us know. You can also help by mentioning us to your art friends and to galleries that you visit. Feel free to mention us and post links on your Social Media.

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