We're an online art resources company focused on helping art communities, galleries, museums and artists. We do this primarily through online gallery guides, and we produce them for every state as well as the major art cities. Over the past 20 years our website and art guides have grown and become very good. However, they can become even better with a little feedback from you.

We need you to look at the gallery guide for your state and city and provide us with feedback. What art businesses are listed in your city? What listings should be added or removed to make the guide better for your art community? In addition to galleries and museums, non-profit art organizations, sculpture parks, art services, etc., are all assets to consider. Or, how about upcoming art events, gallery walks or studio tours? What's missing from the guide - you know your city better than we do!

How can we capture the spirit and creative energy of your art community? Together, let's make improvements to your city gallery guide. Let's make sure your guide is useful to your community and visitors to it. You provide information and feedback and we'll add them to your city/state gallery guide.

With your help, we can produce better and even more useful art gallery guides for your city and state. We hope that you'll see the value of working together. Let's create some really good art guides for your community.

Send information to [email protected].

Thanks for visiting and I hope that you'll volunteer.

Dan Fear


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Painting by Kathleen Gemberling Adkison titled Ferrous Luninate #8414 available from

Kathleen Gemberling Adkison (1917-2010)
Available from

Artwork by Nestor Toro, Organic Color Fusion 2 available from, 120919

Nestor Toro
Painting, Acrylic on Canvas

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